What Does Stimtastic Mean?

Stimtastic is a combination of the words Stimming and Fantastic.

Stimming is autistic body language. Have you ever seen an autistic person rocking, spinning or flapping their hands? Those are all forms of stimming. But there are many other kinds of stims, too. There are visual stims, tactile stims, auditory stims, verbal stims, pressure stims, and movement stims. 

Stimming is something that all autistic people--young and old and in between--do and we think that's fantastic

About the Logo

We wanted our logo to capture the movement that is so often a part of stimming and present it in a joyful, positive way. 

The five colored fronds represent 5 fingers, symbolically representing a hand in motion.  The colors of the fronds together with the Stimtastic text evoke the spectrum--a common symbol of autism and neurodiversity.