Making Weighted Blankets Affordable

Weighted blankets can be a big help for individuals on the autism spectrum, but they can also be prohibitively expensive, especially in adult sizes. Stimtastic has partnered with Isaac Inskeep of Autistic Rabbit to help make weighted blankets more accessible and affordable. 

Free and Subsidized Weighted Blankets 

As part of our commitment to give back to the autistic community, we're setting up a program to help those who can't afford weighted blankets by fully or partially subsidizing the cost of a small number of blankets each month. 

If you (or an individual that you are the parent/guardian of) would benefit from using a weighted blanket but cannot afford to purchase one, we invite you to enter our ongoing weighted blanket giveaway. (See the link for complete details)


Affordable Weighted Blankets Custom Made by an Autistic Adult

If you would like to purchase a weighted blanket at a very affordable price, check out Isaac Inskeep's Etsy shop. His custom handmade blankets are priced at a small amount above the cost of materials and your purchase will support an autistic adult who is trying to make weighted blankets more accessible and affordable to those who need them.