Handheld Chewable Stim Toys

Stimtastic's chewable stim toys are made of the same food-grade silicone as our chewable jewelry. Each one is a unique mix of textures and shapes, making them fun tactile stim toys that are safe for chewing too. 

Chewable silicone elephant, smooth on the front and bumpy on the back

Handheld chewables are durable and flexible, which means they are suitable for light, moderate  and moderately aggressive chewers. 


Chewable Unicorn

Handheld Stim Toy

Chewable Raccoon

Handheld Stim Toy

Each handheld chewable has at least one cutout, making it easy to attach to a lanyard or cord for safekeeping. Most are also small enough to be tucked into a pocket. Whether you keep your chewable stowed in your bag or use it as a fun desk accessory, you'll be comforted by knowing that it's never far away when you need it. 

Chewable Owl

Handheld Stim Toy