Textile Stim Toys by Katherine Bale

Stimtastic is excited to be introducing a new line of textile stim toys created by autistic artist Katherine Bale. 

Handmade Felt Fidget Balls

Teal Felt Fidget Ball

Teal Felt Fidget Ball

This fun take on the classic stress ball is made from 100% 23-micron (very soft) Merino wool from non-mulesed sheep.

Each ball has a soft silky surface and a densely solid interior, making them our firmest yet softest-textured stress ball. Felt Fidget Balls are soft enough to squeeze, firm enough to bounce, and feel smooth and warm to touch, making them pleasant to simply hold.

Felt fidget balls come in 6 solid colors and each one is unique.




Handmade Cotton Fidget Cords

Short Fidget Cords in Turquoise and Grape

Short Fidget Cords in Turquoise and Grape

Katherine came up with the idea for woven fidget cords based on the ties and straps on hoodies, sweat pants, and rucksacks that she likes to stim with. In addition to being a great stim toy, she hopes that the fidget cords will save some wear and tear on clothing as well.

The fidget cords come in two lengths, a 14-inch version that is long enough to wrap around the hand and firm enough to create pressure and an 8-inch version made from super soft yarn into a very soft lightweight fabric that is terrific for holding or running through your fingers.  

Each cord is handmade from 100% cotton and has a clip to attach to a belt loop, bag, key ring etc.


About the Artist

Artist Katherine Bale

Artist Katherine Bale

Katherine Bale is an autistic fibre and textile artist working from home in Wales. Her stim toy designs are inspired by the everyday things that she likes to fidget with and a desire for natural material versions of fidget toys. 

Katherine began sewing at a very young age, started knitting and crocheting over ten years ago, and now spins, weaves, and felts as well. She has recently decided to use these skills and her passion for the unique properties and application of each natural fibre to start a business.

All of Katherine's designs are hand-made from natural materials. As someone who cares deeply about animal welfare and the environment, she chooses to only use wool from sources with high standards of welfare and to finish her pieces with cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, and contain no animal ingredients.