Chewable Jewelry Design Contest Voting


We are pleased to announce that 4 finalists have been chosen in the Chewable Jewelry Design Contest. The winner will be chosen by voting, which closes on June 1st at 11:59 PM EST. 

To vote, check out the 4 finalist entries below (sketches and any explanatory text provider by the designer) and then click the Vote Now link at the bottom of the page to anonymously cast your vote at Survey Monkey. One vote per computer will be counted (i.e. you can vote multiple times but only your last vote case will count).

Finalist #1: No Gloom Shroom 

Submitted by Yvonne Mendoza

Designer's explanatory text: Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, stimmers of all ages. We here want to proudly introduce to you today the No Gloom Shroom. Have you ever wanted to have a pacifier handy but were too embarrassed or nervous to keep it around. Was the pacifier just ruining your style or clashing with your outfit. If the answer to any of these questions is yes then boy do I have a product for you. The No Gloom Shroom has been inspired by the autistic community and looks to satisfy a major gap in product availability. With its sleek and stylish Mushroom design, the No Gloom Shroom lets you keep a pacifier with you. Using the mushroom's head as a grip you can suck on the stem just like you would a pacifier and once you let it go nobody will know its true purpose. It has the same shape and general measurements as a pacifier but its distinct mushroom design will allow you to keep it close to your heart, Literally! If sucking and or chewing is your stim of choice then don’t wallow in gloom, Use your new No Gloom Shroom!

Finalist #2: Twisty Block 

Submitted by Kimberly Ogata

Finalist #3: Shark Tooth

Submitted by Liz Wegener

Designer's explanatory text:  Take a bite! Shark teeth are known as a symbol of bravery, strength, power, and protection. This shark tooth pendant is thick enough to withstand an aggressive chewer. The pendant is 1 1/2 inches long, and the tooth is 1/2 inch thick.The lines on the tooth offer textured feel for a sensory effect. The tooth itself bows out to provide additional thickness and enhance the design of the tooth. This pendant is cool,fashionable and appealing to all ages and genders. A chewable necklace you can sink your teeth into!!!  ~Inspiration for this was the sight of my son who has Pdd-nos  admiring the shark tooth necklaces sold at a local store, which due to him chewing it would be a safety concern. Christian this design is for you sweetheart. 

Finalist #4: Unicorn Whale

Submitted by Léonore LE ROUZIC

Designer's explanatory text:  I wanted to design something that was both cute and functional for a wide range of chewers, while keeping in mind that there were no pacifier-like pendants in Stimtastic's shop yet. Hence this little guy ! It's a narwhal, with a swirly tusk to give it a bit of texture and raised fins so it's quite thick and able to withstand even the most aggressive of chewing. If you're more of a light chewer or really crave sensory feedback, you can use it as a pacifier by sucking (and biting gently) on the tusk. If you're more of a moderate or aggressive chewer, you can chew on the belly of the Unicorn Whale, which is a bit thicker, or on the tail fin.  And finally, if you're feeling a bit self-conscious about wearing a pacifier in public, this design allows you to have one camouflaged as a wonderful sea creature !