Spinner Ring Design Contest

This contest is now closed to entries.

Design Stimtastic's next spinner ring! 

We're looking for an exciting new spinner ring design. If you have an idea for a spinner ring pattern, enter it in our design contest for a chance to see your creation become Stimtastic's newest piece of fidget jewerly!

The Spinner Ring Design Contest is open to all. Here's how to enter: 

  1. Create a 2-dimensional black and white rendering of your idea. 
  2. Submit it by email to stimtastic@gmail.com by September 15, 2015 with the subject line "Spinner Ring Design Entry". 
  3. In your email include: your full name, the name of your design, and a statement saying that you have read and agree to the contest entry guidelines below (you can copy this if you like: "I have read and agree to the Stimtastic Spinner Ring Design Contest guidelines posted at Stimtastic.co.").

Contest Entry Guidelines: 

  1. Download the design template and save it to your computer. Do not alter the template dimensions (1465px by 165px at 300 dpi). 
  2. Using the design template, create your design in black and white. 
  3. Your design must have exactly 12 symbols of equal size. They can be 12 repetitions of the same symbol, 12 different symbols, or a repeating pattern that adds up to 12. 
  4. Solid black and white symbols only. No grayscale, feathering, shadows, groupings of very narrow lines, hatching, shading or other areas of color that are not solid black. 
  5. Your submission must be a computer rendered graphic image. Hand drawn images are not eligible. 
  6. Submit your design as a .jpeg or .png file. 
  7. Your submission must be your original idea. No copies, derivatives or otherwise modified versions of copyrighted work. 
  8. You must be willing to give Stimtastic exclusive permission to reproduce your design as a spinner ring for sale by Stimtastic in perpetuity.

Additional design notes

Use the template as your guide for sizing and distribution of your symbols. Fill the entire horizontal area, leaving room for space between the first and last symbols on the ring's band. Leave space at the top and bottom of the template (approximately equal to the grey area shown below) so your symbols do not touch the edges.  

ring_safe area.jpg

You are welcome to submit: 

  • 1 set of 12 unique symbols
  • 1 set of repeating symbols that equals 12 total symbols (6 x 2 symbols, 3 x 4 symbols, 4 x 3 symbols, 2 x 6 symbols)
  • 1 symbol that will repeat 12 times

Sample Entries

The illustrations that follow are intended to give entrants an idea of suitable entries. 

Example of 1 set of 12 unique symbols

Example of 1 set of repeating symbols

Example of 1 symbol that will repeat 12 times

How the Winner will be Selected 

Semi-finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges based on a set of judging criteria to include originality and feasibility of production as a spinner ring design. Semi-finalists will then be voted on by the public to choose a winning design. 

What the Winner Will Receive 

  • Your design made into a Stimtastic Spinner Ring, with full credit to you as the artist on the Stimtastic website
  • $250 cash award
  • 20 pieces of the finished ring in your choice of sizes