A "Giving Back" Update

Part of our mandate at Stimtastic is to give 10% of sales back to the Autistic community. As part of that, we donate to both organizations and individuals. Organizations we’ve given to in the past year include: 

  • Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library 
  • Dutile Tremblay Community fund 
  • Autism West Midlands 
  • Autism Womens Network 
  • Australian Autistic Community Hubs 
  • Autism Society GLB/SGV 
  • CA ASAN chapter
  • Cheshire Autism Practical Support Ltd 

The biggest individual donation initiative is getting free or subsidized weighted blankets to those who can’t afford them. We’ve given out 30 free or subsidized blankets so far and continue to randomly select recipients. 

We also contribute to fundraisers being held by Autistic people (like helping pay for travel to conferences to present), give away stim toys to those who can’t afford them, give away helpful items that are too expensive for most people to afford (noise cancelling headphones, AAC software, iPad), and other forms of direct giving.

Finally, we are proud to have recently made a substantial contribution to ASAN's Autistic Scholars Fellowship program, which provides Autistic college students with tuition scholarships each to create systems change on their college campuses.