Spinner Ring Design Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Stimtastic Spinner Ring Design contest!


Alicia Chen, Spinosaurus

Alicia is a college sophomore currently studying design and psychology. She has been drawing since elementary school and enjoys gaming and reading in her spare time. She can often be seen doodling funny faces in the margins of lecture notes.

Baden Gaeke Franz, Starry Night

Baden Gaeke Franz is a university student studying Human Rights and Women's and Gender Studies. She loves to sew and knit and to drink tea while snuggling her cat.

Allen Koszis, Swimming Squidies

Allen is a 23 year old nonbinary college student, currently going to community college for their AA, and living in the California Bay Area. They have always had problems with anxiety, but never really liked any of the ring designs they found on the market. Which is why they jumped at the opportunity to design their own. Allen spends most of their free time drawing, with most of their interests including biology, food, comics, and animation. 

Allen would like to eventually get a major in entomology or something in scientific illustration. But they really just hope to one day make a living off of doing the things that they love, and to help the marginalized communities they are a part of.

Look for all three rings on Stimtastic.co in late October!