Safety Information

What makes Stimtastic's chewables safe? 

All of the jewelry and other items at described as chewable or chewy are made of a tasteless, odorless, FDA-compliant food grade silicone. 

It is nontoxic and has been certified as BPA, PVC, lead, heavy metal, latex, and phthalate free. 

Like all of the products sold by Stimtastic, chewable jewelry is not recommended for children 3 and under and should be used by older children only with proper adult supervision.

My skin is sensitive to certain materials. How can I know if a product is safe for me?

We do our best to choose materials for our jewelry that are hypoallergenic, like silicone and stainless steel. If you have an allergy or sensitivity, please check the Details section of an item's product page for more information about potential allergens like nickel. For more information about any product, you can also contact us.  

How can I care for my chewable jewelry? 

Although silicone naturally resists the growth of bacteria, we recommend that you clean 
your chewable items regularly using one of the following methods: 


  1. Silicone items are dishwasher safe. We recommend removing cords and washing them separately in warm soapy water. 
  2. You can hand-wash silicone items in warm soapy water.
  3. If you are senstive to the smell or taste of soap or dishwashing detergents, you can boil your silicone items in water for 2-3 minutes. 

After boiling, handle with care and allow the silicone pieces to cool completely before using them. They will be very hot for quite a while after boiling!


After washing your silicone pieces, be sure to let it air dry completely or dry it with a soft clean cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. 

It's a good idea to wrap each silicone piece in a soft lint-free cloth when storing and avoid storing two pieces in contact with each other. 

Note: Silicone is durable and easy to clean, however there are some materials that will degrade or shorten the life of your silicone pieces. Avoid exposing silicone items to extreme cold, prolonged direct sunlight and oil- or silicone-based products.



Silicone can become damaged over time by chewing. Depending on the frequency of use and chewing style, it is possible for pieces separate from a pendant or beads to be chewed through. Always inspect silicone pieces before use and supervise children closely.