A photo of a  shiny purple chewable jellyfish pendant. It is a single, solid piece with attached tentacles, big dot eyes and a round smiling face.

Chewable Jellyfish Pendant

Photo of a shiny black chewable necklace pendant shaped like a UFO. It is circular on top and oval shaped on the bottom. It has 4 holes-1 oval for the black cord and 3 circles like windows below it.

Chewable UFO Pendant Necklace

A photo of a black chewable bat pendant. The bat is hanging by its feet from the necklace cord. The wings and ears have many small ridges and there are bumps on the body. It has oval eyes and a snout.

Chewable Bat Pendant Necklace

A photo of five chewable silicone feathers. They have a raised ridge down the centre, and at the top of the ridge is where the cord is threaded.

Chewable Feather Mini Pendant 5-Pack

A photo of three chewable pendants - a blue ufo; a light green dulcimer; and a black blossom. The cords are wrapped up above them.

Light Chewer Value Pack

A photo of three chewable pendants - a black bat; a blue braid; and light blue metallic annular.

Moderate Chewer Value Pack

A photo of a black klein-tastic; red mushroom; and light blue chewable droplet pendant. The klein-tastic is shaped like a water droplet with a handle going from the top of the droplet to the side.

Aggressive Chewer Value Pack

A photo of a blue metallic jellyfish; a black bat; a metallic silver dulcimer; a brown cookie swirl; and a light blue alien chewable pendant.

Chewable Pendants Variety Pack

A photo of three gem beads (pale yellow, purple, and very dark blue) on a black cord; a pale green dulcimer; and a blue U-shaped chewable tube.

Soft Chewables Pack

A photo of a chewable blue silicone feather. It has a rounded ridge down the centre and where the ridge rises above the main part of pendant is where the cord is threaded.

Chewable Feather Mini Pendant

A dark blue horizontal rectangular chewable silicone pendant on a black cord. It has a raised thin ridge all around the outside with a semi-circular ridge around the small cord hole at the top.

Chewable Tag Necklace

A photo of a silver dulcimer shaped chewable. It has a hole at the top where the cord is threaded. At the bottom is a small point. There are 4 dots above two almond shaped protrusions on the surface.

Chewable Dulcimer Pendant Necklace

A photo of a blue braid chewable pendant. The braid looks like it was rolled out and made into waves and overlaid on each other - they don't twist at all. It is completely smooth, though rounded.

Chewable Braid Pendant

A photo of a hollow blue silicone tube shaped like a semicircle with slightly flat sides. The surface is completely smooth. It hangs from a black cord threaded through its center.

Ch-U Tube

A photo of a pale green chewable flower pendant. The blossom has lots of big ridges that overlap each other in a circle like petals. On the outside there are five petals that line up perfectly

Chewable Blossom Pendant Necklace

An image of a chewable chocolate frosted chocolate donut chewable silicone pendant. It is a smooth dark brown with faux frosting. The frosting is wavy along the outside with multicoloured sprinkles.

Chewable Frosted Donut Pendant Necklace

A photo of a black chocolate sandwich cookie chewable pendant. It is textured like a typical round sandwich cookie. In the middle is the word biscuit. There is a hole in the top where the cord is.

Chewable Sandwich Cookie Pendant

A photo of a chewable cookie swirl pendant. The cookie is round with a black ridged outer edge and a white swirled central area made of curved triangle ridges meeting in the centre.

Chewable Cookie Swirl Pendant

A photo of a light blue chewable silicone shark pendant. The shark is grinning and its eyes are squinted. One of its side fins is touching one of its tail fins, which is bent toward its body.

Chewable Shark Pendant

A photo of a black chewable silicone pendant that looks like a rounded swirl with a bird head attached to it. There are swirls of protrusions, divots and small rounded bits all around the body area.

Chewable Phoenix Pendant

A photo of three black phoenix chewable pendants on black cords, slightly overlapping each other. They each look like a swirl of rounded silicone with a bird head attached to it.

Chewable Phoenix Pendant 3-Pack

A photo of five dulcimer shaped chewable pendants arrayed in a fan shape, three greens and two blacks. Their black cords are intermingled.

Chewable Dulcimer Pendant 5-Pack

A photo of a neon green chewable silicone alien pendant. The alien is shaped like an upside-down droplet, has tilted ovals eyes that are thinner towards the nose and a crooked smile.

Chewable Alien Pendant Necklace

A photo of a light grey chewable silicone snowflake pendant. It is shaped like a 6-pointed star with nubs coming out each side of the points. Between the points are triangles with nubs on the sides.

Chewable Snowflake Pendant Necklace

A photo of a shiny blue round chewable silicone pendant with a medium sized hole towards the top where the black cord is threaded.

Chewable Annular Pendant Necklace

A photo of 3 chewable silicone pendants. The colors are dark blue, light purple and metallic medium green. Each pendant is a large disc with a medium size hole near the top where the cord is threaded.

Chewable Annular Pendant 3-Pack

A photo of a red chewable silicone mushroom pendant. The mushroom cap is shaped like a softly rounded triangle and has lots of protruded organically shaped spots.

Chewable Mushroom Pendant

A photo of a circular blue silicone chewable pendant with rounded edges. There is a flat oval hole at the top for the cord, and a white cloud with three blue swirls in the center.

Chewable Cloud Pendant Necklace

A top-down photo of a light purple chewable macaron pendant necklace. It is round and has an irregular fringe around the edges. There is a flat oval hole for the cord at the top.

Chewable Macaron Pendant Necklace


Chewable Klein-tastic Pendant Necklace

dino necklace3.png

Chewable Stegosaurus Pendant


Chewable Trapezoid Necklace


Chewable Lotus Pendant Necklace


Chewable Droplet Pendant

navy blue single star pendant hanging on a cord

Chewable Star Pendant Necklace

4.50 7.50

Chewable Faceted Bangle

bracelet open1.png

Chewable Cuff Bracelet


Chewable Little Stars Necklace

8.00 12.50

Chewable Gem Beads Necklace


Chewable Gem Beads Necklace (5 Beads)