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Black Agate Bead Fidget Bracelet


Shiny black agate beads plus a single lava stone aromatherapy bead.

Agate is a durable stone that will hold up well to daily wear, retaining its polished surface. It also makes a distinct sound when the beads rub or click against each other, for a unique auditory stim.

The beads are strung on an elastic cord, allowing the 7-inch (18 cm) bracelet to expand to fit larger wrists. 

Aromatherapy Bead: Simply rub some of your favorite essential oil over the porous black lava stone bead, wait a bit and rub dry with a clean cloth. The lava stone will hold the scent for up to a day. 

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Bead Bracelet2.png
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More Details

  • Size: 7 inches (18 cm) circumference; elastic cord can accommodate wrist sizes from about 6.25 to 8 inches (16 to 20 cm)
  • Materials: 22 quarter-inch (0.6 cm) black agate stone beads and 1 quarter-inch (0.6 cm) black lava stone bead; elastic cord
  • Warning: Choking hazard: not suitable for children under 8 years old. NOT FOR ORAL USE