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Stimming Jewelry

Fuzzy Necklace


A Fuzzy necklace is exactly what it sounds like - a resin shape with a fuzzy surface on the front side that is perfect for lightly rubbing.** If you enjoy fluffy or fuzzy textures, these lightweight necklaces can provide a discreet stimming option in any setting.

Handmade by Alex, each necklace is a unique color and shape combination.

** Please note that forceful or excessive rubbing can damage the flocking material over time and cause your necklace to lose it’s fuzzy texture.

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Fuzzy Necklace2.png
An orange charm shaped like the outline of a bat with wings spread, hanging on a black cord with a silver finding. The surface of the charm is slightly fuzzy.
A dark blue dog silhouette necklace charm on a black cord. The dog is in profile, in a neutral stance with an upraised tail.
A black charm shaped like the silhouette of a human skull with the lower jaw missing, hanging on a black cord with a silver finding.

Additional Info

More Details

  • Materials: flocking powder on UV or epoxy resin base, bail/necklace charm is metallic alloy, cord is finished with a simple knot

  • Size: animal pendants are 1.5” (3.8 cm) across, heart is 1.25” (63.5 cm) across and star is .75" (1.9 cm) across; cord is 26" (66 cm) long

  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 8 years.

About the Artist

Alex is a cheerful student who loves to draw and make crafts. He struggles with depression and anxiety, and enjoys making jewelry that help relieve stress or show off his interests. All of his work is handmade by him in his free time.