Bead Fidget Bracelet

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Bead Fidget Bracelet


Smooth, Cool, Serene. These Bead Fidget Bracelets, handmade by Yvonne Mendoza Rogers, will have you sighing in relief. Available in 3 styles: 

Glass Beads

Worn around your wrist, your bracelet has a soothing weight to it. In your hand, it carries a host of stimming possibilities: click the beads together for an auditory stim, hold the translucent beads up to the light for a visual stim or rub the cool glass against your skin for a tactile stim.

Imitation Stone Beads

Lighter and smaller than glass but with all of the same stimmy goodness. These imitation stone beads are translucent and cool to the touch, uniformly round and give a sensation of stone or glass without the added weight.

With its adjustable rat tail cord, the Bead Fidget bracelet can accommodate wrist sizes from 5.5 inches to 9 inches.

Note: Glass beads will crack or break under extreme pressure or when dropped on a hard surface. The integrity of the beads have been tested to endure a small fall or amount of pressure, but will crack and break if put under a lot of stress.

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More Details

  • Size: Adjustable with interior circumference between 5.5" (14 cm) and 8.8" (22.3 cm); individual beads approx. 3/8" (1 cm) across
  • Materials: indian glass beads, rattail cord
  • Warning: Choking hazard: not suitable for children under 8 years old. NOT FOR ORAL USE

Color Choices:

About the Artist

Yvonne Mendoza Rogers is a 22 year old autistic person, diagnosed at the age of 20, married for 4 years and living in California. She is a homemaker, aka stay at home wife, who enjoys writing drawing and music. She has been interested in music since she was 2, writing since she was 4, and drawing since she was 5. Music is what inspires her to create her pieces.

In her childhood she worked on improving her skill on these interests and now in her adulthood she plays guitar and sings, draws abstract art and design ideas, and writes poetry and short stories and is being published in a book that is in the works about autism and animals. In addition to designing, drawing, music, and writing her main favorite intrest is studying animal care and behavior for her kitty Erica Von Stardust and her 4 hermit crabs.

A Message From the Artist

As an autistic person and someone with ADHD, PTSD, BIPOLAR II, BPD, and DERMATILLOMANIA I have started a special interest in stim toys.

After, coming up with the idea of the wood bead fidget necklace I realized some may like a more cold stone bead like texture. After much searching I found a local shop that sold good quality and well priced glass beads to maintain the affordability. However, these beads do not work well on a necklace format so I have adapted them into a bracelet.

I have always been interested in crafts and have had surprisingly good fine motor skills so I highly enjoy any kind of crafting and if it helps other people that is even better!