photo of a round silver-coloured locket pendant on a silver-colored chain. The flat front face is vented - there are wave shapes cut through the faceplate. There is red felt visible within the locket.

Waves Aromatherapy Diffuser Locket

Close up of a silver color stainless steel pendant shaped like a small tower with a grid of open squares around the top half. Inside are blue-green felt discs showing through the open grid boxes.

Tower Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

side-view photo of a silver stainless steel dragon head pendant holding a ring in its mouth. It has intricate details including scales and teeth, fin-like structures around its mouth, and whiskers.

Dragon Necklace

A pendant made of three interlocking beveled stainless steel rings hanging from a stainless steel barrel bead that has small studs on the surface. 1 ring is black and the other 2 are silver color.

Interlocking Rings Necklace

A dog tag style necklace with the tags opened at an angle so that rainbow decal bottom tag is visible. The top tag has the word PRIDE in stencil style all capital letters cut out.

Pride Tags Necklace

photo of a pendant on a necklace cord. It is a silver colored metal ring with a dark grey metallic bead in the centre and a black ring between them. They're held together by a small metal wire

Concentric Circles Necklace

A photo of three phone cord bracelets. One is black with white polka-dots, one is light blue with dark blue plaid lines, and one is pink with light black lines all around it

Phone Cord Bracelets (set of 3)

a bracelet with of smooth round matte black stones on it, and one textured black stone.

Black Agate Bead Fidget Bracelet

A photo of a bracelet with two thirds of it consisting of smooth round black beads and one third colorful beads. There are metallic spacers separating the colorful beads from the black.

Spectrum Bead Fidget Bracelet

a photo of a double circle necklace. There are two beads, one translucent white with dark veins through it; and one black; each with a black circular bead around it.

Double Circle Necklace


Planet Necklace

A photo of a dark black metal bike chain bracelet with a butterfly clasp.

Black Bike Chain Fidget Bracelet - Light Weight

a photo of a silver colored snake twist ring, a circle formed by many small pieces of metal to created a jointed loop that can be folded and twisted into many shapes

Snake Twist Ring

snake twist2.png

Snake Twist Necklace

a photo of a bracelet that is a translucent plastic tube filled with water and glitter, twisted around itself and colored purple, pink, orange, and clear fade from one color to the another.

Glitter Water Bracelet

Fuzzy Necklace2.png

Fuzzy Necklace