A photo of five chewable silicone feathers. They have a raised ridge down the centre, and at the top of the ridge is where the cord is threaded.

Chewable Feather Mini Pendant 5-Pack

A photo of three chewable pendants - a blue ufo; a light green dulcimer; and a black blossom. The cords are wrapped up above them.

Light Chewer Value Pack

A photo of three chewable pendants - a black bat; a blue braid; and light blue metallic annular.

Moderate Chewer Value Pack

A photo of a black klein-tastic; red mushroom; and light blue chewable droplet pendant. The klein-tastic is shaped like a water droplet with a handle going from the top of the droplet to the side.

Aggressive Chewer Value Pack

A photo of a blue metallic jellyfish; a black bat; a metallic silver dulcimer; a brown cookie swirl; and a light blue alien chewable pendant.

Chewable Pendants Variety Pack

Three chewable pendants side by side on black cords. From left they are a long narrow silver dulcimer shape, a light blue rounded rectangle tag and a black U shaped tube.

Soft Chewables Pack

A photo of three black phoenix chewable pendants on black cords, slightly overlapping each other. They each look like a swirl of rounded silicone with a bird head attached to it.

Chewable Phoenix Pendant 3-Pack

A photo of five dulcimer shaped chewable pendants arrayed in a fan shape, three greens and two blacks. Their black cords are intermingled.

Chewable Dulcimer Pendant 5-Pack

A photo of 3 chewable silicone pendants. The colors are dark blue, light purple and metallic medium green. Each pendant is a large disc with a medium size hole near the top where the cord is threaded.

Chewable Annular Pendant 3-Pack