photo of three silicone wristbands, each with inlaid text. The bright yellow one says "I need space" ; the green one says "I'm okay;" and the dark red one says "Please leave me alone."
Communication Wristbands (set of 3)
Dark blue silicone straw
Silicone Straw
A top down photo of a blue-green silicone brush that is oblong or egg shaped but flat. It has a small hole near the top and is covered in very fine silicone bristles on both sides.
Silicone Brush
A blue silicone cactus chewable shaped like a saguaro cactus with 3 arms. The center arm has a toothbrush on the end and the side arms have textured patterns.
Handheld Cactus Chewable
a top-down photo of a closed tin of silver stimtastic putty. It has the stimtastic logo and website address on it as well as stating that it is 4 ounces
Stimtastic Putty
A round white disc with the Stimtastic logo in the center. The logo has 5 swish protrusions in blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
Stimtastic Popsocket
a photo of three small plastic springs. One is orange and yellow, one is light green and yellow, and one is blue and purple, all alternating
Finger Springs (set of 3)
9 shiny black wooden beads on a black cord, woven together in a line. At one end is a key ring, and at the other is a small grey bead with tiny engraved designs of diamonds and dots on top of a knot.
Rolling Bead Fidget Lanyard
from 2.25
sold out
a long purple silicone caterpillar with short nubs on the body, longer nubs at the head for antennae, and two legs with little feet on each body section except the head. There are 15 sections total.
Mega Stretch Caterpillar
sold out
photo of a five-sectioned rubber bumpy caterpillar attached to a chain which is attached to a keyring. The face has round white eyes with a black pupil and a small smile.
Bumpy Caterpillar Keychain
a photo of five mini balls with soft rubber nubs sticking out of them all in a pentagon. They are red, purple, pink, blue, and green.
Mini Hedge Balls (set of 5)
A small stainless steel ring with 3 glass beads on it - one light green, one light brown and one yellow
Bead Fidget Ring
sold out
A photo of a mochi toy shaped like a polar bear lying on its stomach.  The white around its nose and mouth is a different white than the rest of its body. Its arms are lying at its sides.
Stretchy Squishy Polar Bear
a photo of a round pink mochi pig with little tiny ears, feet, snout, and dot eyes.
Stretchy Squishy Pig
a photo of a light pink mochi paw print. The pads and the foot itself are all pale pink. White shows on the other side of the pawprint.
Stretchy Squishy Paw Print
a photo of a squishy dark grey mochi cat lying on its back with its arms behind its head. Its eyes are closed. The closed eyes, pink nose, and white upper lip are painted on
Stretchy Squishy Cat
a photo of a round yellow mochi chick. It has tiny dot eyes and an orange oval beak.
Stretchy Squishy Chick
sold out
a small pink octopus mochi. The majority of the octopus is a ball. There are little tiny ovals attached at the bottom of it for the tentacles.
Stretchy Squishy Octopus
a photo of a white mochi rabbit lying on its stomach. It has no limbs, and its head is bigger than its torso. It has a tiny slightly pointed tail
Stretchy Squishy Rabbit
Stretchy Squishy Seal
top-down view of a white cloud mochi. The cloud is flat on the bottom and wavy around the outside. Its eyes are tiny black dots, it has round pink cheeks, and its smile is a small black arc.
Stretchy Squishy Cloud
Side view of a bright translucent blue cat with protruding triangle ears and black and white painted on eyes, nose and whiskers.  It is shaped like a ball with a flat bottom.
Glow-in-the-Dark Stretchy Squishy Cat
Side view of a light pinkish orange goldfish shaped squishy. It has a flat bottom, flat wide spread tail and a small roundish body area. Two black dot eyes are painted on the front.
Glow-in-the-Dark Stretchy Squishy Goldfish
a light translucent green elephant squishy with a small up raised trunk, tiny black eyes and big ears that cover nearly the entire sides of its head. It is shaped like a ball with a flat bottom
Glow-in-the-Dark Stretchy Squishy Elephant
Only 4 available
A snake or twist cube made of 27 neon color plastic blocks
Twist Cube Puzzle
Only 1 available
a Jacob’s Ladder set of twelve blocks in six colors - blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, and red - stacked on top of each other and attached by ribbons
Jacob's Ladder Puzzle
Glitter stick2.png
Glitter Stick
A series of ten small silver-colored rings all interconnected to form a larger ring that resembles a swirling flower.
Mini Infinite Rings Fidget
A ring of light metallic purple rings in a tight ring. There are 18 interconnected rings that make up the larger ring. They form a swirling flowery shape.
Infinite Rings Fidget
A rectangular flannel fabric marble maze with a blue, green, yellow and white dinosaur theme pattern
Marble Maze
a photo of a stingray made from fabric that has blue, green, yellow, and purple. It has stripes over the gradually changing background color. The fabric has shiny silver dots all over it.
Weighted Sparkly Stingray
a weighted crab with gradually striped pink, blue, and purple fabric. There are lots of reflective silver dots on it. The crab has eight legs and two big claws. It also has two spherical black eyes.
Weighted Sparkly Crab
Weighted Sparkly Butterfly
a photo of a white unicorn with wings. It has light green eyes and stripe on its horn. Tthere is a diagonal heart shaped cutout on its chest. Its mane and tail are both pink, dark yellow, and blue.
Handheld Chewable Unicorn
a photo of a light grey raccoon. Around its dot eyes is a dark grey mask, outlined with a small indented line. It has an oval nose and is holding a teardrop shaped smooth brown seed to its mouth.
Handheld Chewable Raccoon
A ball shaped plush unicorn that is mostly white with a gold horn and blue fabric mane that covers the top part of its head. The unicorn is smiling, with long eyelashes and red stitched cheek circles.
Squishy Plush Unicorns
sold out
Ball shaped plushie in the form of a cartoon tree frog. It is bright green with a yellow belly, long orange legs and reddish eyes and footprint shaped marks on its front.
Squishy Plush Animals
photo of a bright pink squish ball. It is slightly misshapen and not perfectly round.
Stretchy Squish Ball
A round white dome shaped squishy with a panda face painted on it in black ink. It has a pink bow in front of its left ear.
Slow Rising Panda Charm Squishy
A yellow silhouette of a rabbit with ears standing straight up, and a round head stacked on a round body. It has brown dot eyes and nose with no mouth.
Slow Rising Bunny Mini Squishy
A white teddy bear squishy with purple muzzle, foot bottoms and ear highlights. It has a painted on face and a green scarf around its neck.
Slow Rising Bear Squishy
a photo of a pastel blue squishy slow rising foam person with a large head and small body. The person has a white ice cream swirl for hair. A little bit of the ice cream is melted over the forehead.
Jumbo Slow Rising Ice Cream Cone
slowrising cake.png
Slow Rising Chocolate Cake
a photo of a foam slow rising squishy strawberry. It is bright red with green leaves and stem. There are lots of little seeds recessed all over it.
Slow Rising Strawberry Squishy
a photo of a blue foam slow rising squishy narwhal. It has a purple horn on its forehead with a white spiral up it. Its eyes are huge circles with white shines.
Slow Rising Narwhal Squishy
a photo of a foam slow rising light blue cat face shaped cookie sandwich. The cat has dark brown eyes that are round, as well as a dark brown nose and mouth.
Jumbo Slow Rising Ice Cream Sandwich
 a photo of a white slow rising squishy seal face made of foam. It two fins sticking out on either side of the seal's face and dark brown eyebrows, eyes, whiskers, nose, and mouth.
Slow Rising Seal Squishy
A chocolate frosted donut squishy. It is yellow on the bottom with chocolate dripping irregularly down the sides and white chocolate icing lines.
Slow Rising Frosted Donut Squishy
Only 1 available
a photo of a blocky silver robot. It has a round protrusion on top of its square head and trapezoid protrusions on the sides. The eyes are round and the mouth is an inset rectangle.
Chewable Robot Pencil Topper
 a grey elephant. It has a diagonal heart shaped cutout where its head and neck meet, and it has a dome for its eye. Its trunk is tucked towards its body and is attached to its front leg.
Handheld Chewable Elephant
a tan color featureless moose head with antlers and a peanut shaped hole in it
Handheld Antlers Chewable
a boinks fidget which is a blue mesh tube with closed ends. The mesh has yellow lines through it, meeting in an x. There is a marble inside the mesh.
Boinks Fidgets
sold out
a photo of a long thin plastic mesh tube about as thick as a pencil known as a Boinks. It is blue with yellow x's.
Five small rubber domes known as poppers. Each one has swirls of varying hues. Their colors are: green; purple; pink; dark yellow; and blue. They are all shiny.
Mini Poppers (Set of 5)
A keychain charm shaped like a 5-pointed star and covered in half gold and half silver sequins. It has a gold color keyring and lobster clasp.
Flip Sequin Star Keychain
a weighted lap pad made of medium purple cotton fabric and shaped like the silhouette of a seated bunny. It has 2 ears standing straight up and a small tail poking out to the left side of the bottom.
Weighted Bunny Lap Pad
sold out
a photo of a weighted lizard with a tongue sticking out. It has light blue spikes along its back, and round eyes. The fabric is rainbow, fading from one color to another, with metallic rainbow scales.
Weighted Sparkly Lizard
a photo of a snap and click, a rectangle made out of plastic hinges in alternating bright pink and green. The pink hinges go side to side while the green hinges go up and down.
Snap and Click Fidget
a photo of a plastic light blue pop tube, a tube with accordion style ridges. It is bent in a U shape, with ridges irregularly separated.
Pop Toob
a blue Twiddle fidget, which is a long series of light blue plastic hinges that are all interconnected. Every other hinge moves horizontally, while others move vertically. It is in a large U shape.
Twiddle Fidget
a photo of a plastic orange bolt with flat bases. It has a vibrant pink plastic hex nut on it. There is also a blue plastic bolt with two flat bases. It has a plastic pastel green wingnut on it.
Nuts and Bolts fidgets (set of 2)
a photo of 3 small plastic bendable aliens - a purple one with short antennae, a little green man with black facial features and a green one with antennae wearing black pants
Bendables (set of 3)
a photo of a plush cupcake with a dark blue clip. The frosting is taller than the cake part itself, and is swirled dark and light pink with white dot sprinkles.
Scented Backpack Buddies
photo of a stimming starter pack consisting of a green smiley print storage bag, blue chewable jellyfish pendant, 5 small hedge balls, light blue stretchy squishy and pink/green snap and click fidget
Stimming Starter Pack
photo of the pick pack consisting of a gold flip sequin star clip-on, multicolor elastic bandy ball, 5 small spiky hedge balls, 5 mini poppers and a light blue droplet shaped silicone brush
Pick Pack
tiny fidgets pack consisting of a monkey coin purse, pink spiky animal, neutral color bead ring, black infinite rings fidgets, orange finger spring, green/orange wingnut fidget and orange boink fidget
Tiny Fidgets Pack
sold out
photo of midnight theme pack consisting of 2 black/white phone cord bracelets, black spinner ring, black infinite rings fidget, black phoenix chewable necklace and black chewable faceted bracelet
Midnight Pack
Only 3 available
photo of the astro stim toy theme pack consisting of a silver chewable UFO necklace, grey chewable alien necklace, 5 spiky hedge balls and a starry night spinner ring
Astro Pack
photo of the forest friends stim toy pack consisting of a grey chewable raccoon, rainbow weighted butterfly, squishy caterpillar, squishy rabbit, green chewable owl and purple spiky animal
Forest Friends Pack
Silent Fidgets Pack
photo of the twilight stim toy pack including lilac infinite rings fidget, 2 pink phone cord bracelets, chewable dark purple blossom necklace, lilac chewable annular necklace, garnet chewable bracelet
Twilight Pack
sold out
photo of the dino stim toys theme pack consisting of 3 plastic bendable dinosaurs, a yellow-green chewable stegosaurus pendant and a dinosaur themed spinner ring
Dino Pack
A bookmark conssiting of a small plush dalmatian dog head and pair of black dog feet connected by a broad white satin ribbon. The ribbon is curled up into a U shape.
Dog Ribbon Bookmark
a photo of a ball densely covered in very thin elastic hairs, some pink, some blue, some orange, and some green.
Bandy Ball
a top-down photo of the inside of a tin with shiny light blue putty twisted similarly to a croissant.
Stimtastic Aromatherapy Putty
a pink plush Pteranodon with a pink plastic clip attached to its head. It has small circular eyes, ovals for a nose, and a smiling face. It has wings that are about twice as wide as its body.
Scented Dino Backpack Buddies
a chewable silicone pale green owl. It is in profile with its face turned to the front. It is slightly rounded, smooth and its tail swoops downward to the side. The eyes and wing are cut out.
Handheld Owl Chewable
A gold colored spherical metal ring fidget. It is made up of one long continuous flat piece of metal that forms rings that fan out in a spherical shape, all overlapping in the center.
Kinetic Spring Flow Rings
Black Obsidian Massage Stone
A tree frog shaped sand filled plushie with blue camo print sparkly fabric and yellow and black eyes
Weighted Sparkly Frog
A cube shaped puzzle eraser made up of different color puzzle pieces photographed against a white background
Puzzle/Pull Apart Cube Eraser
A brown silicone bear chewable. The bear is standing upright with arms at its side and looks thoughtful.
Handheld Bear Chewable
Scented Spooky Halloween Backpack Buddies