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Fluffy Friendz Key Chain Poof


Add a plush fluffy friend to your keychain, bag or backpack! 

These key chain pompoms are fluffy plush material on the outside and have soft stuffing plus a marble inside. 

Because the marble is much smaller than the poof, you can easily squeeze just the squishy stuffing or move the marble around inside the poof for a variety of stimming options.

Handmade by Yvonne Mendoza Rogers, each fluffy friend has a unique hand sewn facial expression. 

A short aluminum chain link lanyard with a clip is attached to top of each poof so you can secure it to a bag or key chain.

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Additional Info


  • Size: 2.5" (6.4 cm) wide
  • Materials: plush exterior; aluminum lanyard; contains a marble
  • Warning: Choking hazard: not suitable for children under 8 years old.

About the Artist

Yvonne Mendoza Rogers is a 22 year old autistic person, diagnosed at the age of 20, married for 4 years and living in California. She is a homemaker, aka stay at home wife, who enjoys writing drawing and music. She has been interested in music since she was 2, writing since she was 4, and drawing since she was 5. Music is what inspires her to create her pieces.

In her childhood she worked on improving her skill on these interests and now in her adulthood she plays guitar and sings, draws abstract art and design ideas, and writes poetry and short stories and is being published in a book that is in the works about autism and animals. In addition to designing, drawing, music, and writing her main favorite intrest is studying animal care and behavior for her kitty Erica Von Stardust and her 4 hermit crabs.


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