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Rolling Bead Fidget Lanyard

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These beaded lanyards make a discreet go-anywhere fidget. Roll the beads individually or in sequence, shift them forward and backward or wrap the lanyard around your fingers. When rolled, the beads are nearly silent, but they can also be tapped together for auditory stimming. 

Handmade by Aukquill, an autistic adult, they come in two styles:  

  • Wooden: 3/8" dyed wooden beads in solid colors
  • Plastic: a mix of translucent and opaque plastic beads in a variety of complementary colors

Each lanyard is about 6 inches long with a key ring at one end. 

Note: Each lanyard is handmade and unique. If you have a color preference, please mention it in the order comments. Wooden beads come in single colors. Plastic beads are varied colors within a tonal range (i.e. greys, blues, greens).

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Additional Info


  • Size: about 6 inches (15.2 cm) long; wooden beads are 3/8" (1 cm) with .98" (2.5 cm) keyring; plastic beads are 1/4" (.6 cm) with .94" (2.4 cm) keyring

  • Materials: rat tail cord, plastic or wooden beads with a metal end bead, keyring

  • Warning: Choking hazard: not suitable for children under 8 years old. Keyring for wooden bead lanyard contains nickel. NOT FOR ORAL USE

About the Artist

I am an autistic adult. I started making variations of these for myself a couple of years ago and have enjoyed them so much I wanted to share them. Each one is hand made which I find relaxing to do--except the metal end beads, those can be a bit of a pain sometimes. I like cautious gardening, Neolithic Orkney, and the color gray.

Care Instructions from the Creator

If your lanyard needs to be washed I'd suggest hand washing them in some warm water and dish soap and then setting them somewhere with good air circulation to dry--moving the beads around every so often to expose new parts of the cord to air. Water won't hurt them, but if they don't get to dry thoroughly they could mildew. (While I do not recommend putting them through a washing machine and drying cycle, that's happened to my plastic beads and they were fine.) The wooden beads are pretty durable but can dent or scratch them if you really try. 

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