Dark blue silicone straw

Silicone Straw

A top down photo of a blue-green silicone brush that is oblong or egg shaped but flat. It has a small hole near the top and is covered in very fine silicone bristles on both sides.

Silicone Brush

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a photo of a white unicorn with wings. It has light green eyes and stripe on its horn. Tthere is a diagonal heart shaped cutout on its chest. Its mane and tail are both pink, dark yellow, and blue.

Handheld Chewable Unicorn

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a photo of a light grey raccoon. Around its dot eyes is a dark grey mask, outlined with a small indented line. It has an oval nose and is holding a teardrop shaped smooth brown seed to its mouth.

Handheld Chewable Raccoon

a photo of a blocky silver robot. It has a round protrusion on top of its square head and trapezoid protrusions on the sides. The eyes are round and the mouth is an inset rectangle.

Chewable Robot Pencil Topper

a purple-ish pink silicone chess knight pencil topper. A simple horse shape with no features and a lip around its ears from armor. The bottom is a cylinder with two grooved areas and a slight bulge.

Chewable Chess Knight Pencil Topper

a bright green queen chess piece. There is a small ball at the domed top and a series of small and large bumps along the crown area. The bottom area is a cylinder with a large bump at the base.

Chewable Chess Queen Pencil Topper

 a grey elephant. It has a diagonal heart shaped cutout where its head and neck meet, and it has a dome for its eye. Its trunk is tucked towards its body and is attached to its front leg.

Handheld Chewable Elephant


Handheld Antlers Chewable

a chewable silicone pale green owl. It is in profile with its face turned to the front. It is slightly rounded, smooth and its tail swoops downward to the side. The eyes and wing are cut out.

Handheld Owl Chewable