a photo of a pale blue plush rabbit on a cardboard backing. It has long ears, blue chibi eyes, a pink triangular nose, pink dots on its cheeks and a tuft of hair. It has tiny arms and huge feet.

Scented Animal Backpack Buddies

a photo of a plush watermelon slice with a red clip attached to the top. The watermelon is a rounded triangle with a curve at the bottom. It has large black ovoid eyes and a large curved smile.

Scented Backpack Buddies

A plush white unicorn with light blue mane, muzzle, feet and tail. It is posing with legs outstretched as if leaping across the photo to the left.

Scented Unicorn Backpack Buddies

a top-down photo of the inside of a tin with shiny light blue putty twisted similarly to a croissant.

Stimtastic Aromatherapy Putty

a pink plush Pteranodon with a pink plastic clip attached to its head. It has small circular eyes, ovals for a nose, and a smiling face. It has wings that are about twice as wide as its body.

Scented Dino Backpack Buddies