Autism and Aspergers (a poem)

Autism and Aspergers

By: Kasia Broz

Is nothing to be feared of.
It is just a different operating system.
Many individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Behave differently and get easily overwhelmed
With all of their quirks and sensitivities.

There are many reasons
For their quirky behaviors.
They need a form of release
When they just can't contain themselves.
That is when stimming occurs.

When they are happy, frustrated, anxious, and upset.
Some spin and flap their hands when they are excited and happy,
As well as squeal from excitement.
As far as anxiety goes,
They tend to fidget.
They show frustrations by having meltdowns.
Especially if they are being misunderstood
Or are having change in routine.

You see,
We Autistics thrive on routine
Because we like and feel comfortable with predictability.
The uncertainty and not knowing as to what will happen in advance
Induces our anxiety.

There is and will always be a reason for our behaviors
That trigger our meltdowns.
The best thing you can do is help identify
What may have caused the meltdowns in the first place,
And find a way to either prevent the trigger
From happening in the first place.
Or to help us better cope with the trigger.

We are more than a label.
We are all human beings.
If you look past our diagnosis
You will see just how full of awesomeness we really are.
Just like you,
You know?

A way for us to blossom
Is not to discourage our obsessions.
But to use our obsessions and passions
For further learning.
Because you never know
Our obsessions and passions
Could lead us to our career.
And thus succeed in life.

We may be on the spectrum,
We may be different
But we are not less.
We matter too in this world.
Many of us with and without Autism
Can contribute to this world.

There needs no cure for Autism.
The only cure we need is for ignorance.
We also need awareness, acceptance, and understanding
In this world.

** Stimming is another word for Self-Stimulation.

Posted on December 4, 2014 and filed under Poetry.